Features of Our Garden Shed Range:

  • An inexpensive and attractive storage solution
  • Streamline your storage and de-clutter your backyard
  • Suitable for storing a range of tools and equipment
  • Modest and unobtrusive in design, with an intelligent use of space

Streamline your tools and equipment, and de-clutter your backyard, with our pre-engineered/pre-fabricated garden shed range. Your ideal outdoor storage solution, select from our range of garden sheds to find the best option to suit your storage needs. Whether you are looking to store sporting equipment, gardening tools, pool accessories or the backyard lawnmower, our range of pre-engineered/pre-fabricated garden sheds are designed for ease of access and assembly.

Simple and Secure

Secure and lockable, keep your tools and equipment safe and secure with our range of security accessories. Attractive design and strength of materials have been well thought out to ensure that your pre-engineered/pre-fabricated garden shed is a pleasing instalment in your backyard. Clean lines and intelligent use of space mean your garden shed is modest and unobtrusive, leaving more room to enjoy family time in your outdoor living areas and backyard.

Making Life Simple

Designed with ease of assembly in mind, our pre-engineered/pre-fabricated garden shed range is manufactured for simple and safe construction. We can provide you with a complete installation guide to assist you in assembling your garden shed or our team of qualified installers can do the job for you. You can trust in ASI to uphold the highest standards in safety in line with the Building Codes of Australia, whilst minimising all on-site hassles.

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