Why Use Us?

  • We use cutting edge factory technologies, superior steel building design and only the highest grade materials to deliver the strongest, most durable and competitively priced steel buildings on the market today.
  • Our customised buildings are designed and manufactured with durability, quality, longevity and cost in mind.
  • Your project is proudly Australian-built for Australian conditions. ASI uses genuine BlueScope™ steel and its own unique bracket system to ensure the highest standards in safety and stability.
  • You can be confident we can deliver the best solution for your precise needs within budget, on schedule and to the highest quality.

Why BlueScope steel is better for your build

With its stylish finish, versatile application and lasting performance, BlueScope steel is our number one choice for every ASI steel building.

At ASI Build, we use only the highest grade genuine BlueScope steel that is backed by our structural and workmanship warranties. We stand by BlueScope steel as our trusted steel supplier because we believe that a quality addition to your property should tick all the boxes in terms of performance, cost and sustainability, and add value to your property.

Australia and New Zealand’s leading steel company for more than 95 years, BlueScope utilises the latest advancements in steel technology to ensure its products are designed and tested for our Australian climate. This longevity ensures your investment in BlueScope steel is a lasting one for you, your back pocket and the environment.

Designed and tested

Specially developed for robustness and resistance, BlueScope steel remains one of the toughest and most advanced building materials on the market today.

For every custom steel building – from aircraft hangars, to purpose-build warehouses to stables – BlueScope steel is a reliable and lasting choice. Strong and durable, BlueScope steel is regularly performance-monitored at testing sites across Australia to ensure it can withstand our harshest weather conditions – from coastal winds to extreme heat.

Given the turbulent weather events that we also experience in Australia, BlueScope steel is ideal for ensuring your custom build is weatherproofed and ready for the conditions in which you operate. With rigorous testing and up to 15 years protection with our structural guarantee, you can feel at ease that your investment in BlueScope steel will stand the test of time.

A cost-effective solution

Lightweight yet strong, BlueScope steel is delivered pre-cut and pre-fabricated to your building site, making it a more cost-effective option. It’s quick, easy and cheaper to install than other building materials with less impact felt on your wallet and your local environment.

With its ability to be recycled over and over without ever losing quality, steel is also a more cost-effective solution for re-configuring, extending or adapting without costly demolition. Custom steel buildings are typically more flexible and adaptable. Steel affords you the ability to create a purpose-built and innovative space that can change with your operations, and is highly compatible with sustainable design.

A sustainable alternative

Moreover, with a potentially infinite lifecycle, steel is 100% recyclable, and one of the most recycled and reused products available. Just like ASI Build, many businesses and families alike value the long-term sustainability advantages of steel.

With its lighter weight, BlueScope steel is more efficient to transport to your building site. Pre-fabricated steel also means less wastage and less impact on the local environment.

Businesses of all types can also maximise the financial benefits of BlueScope steel. Steel can be used to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency, making your custom build a greener alternative and reducing the financial strain of energy usage.

A more sustainable building solution, BlueScope steel can also help you meet mandatory sustainability requirements or accrue credits under voluntary green building ratings systems.

Recent project

An example of our commitment to excellence, the Railcorp project was one of the most challenging design and construct projects undertaken by ASI Build. Comprising seven buildings with a total area of 6,000 s.q.m.

Access to the building site was restricted by the presence of overhead high voltage power lines as close as 10m to the construction area in some cases. Night time and weekend work was also necessary to allow continuity of express train travel through the site.

Buildings ranged from carports with 20m bays to buildings with 24-30m clear spans and eaves heights of 9-12m. 10 tonne overhead cranes with 10m hook heights travelling in four directions added to the complexity of this project. Some roller shutter doors were up to 9m high and 12m wide.

A project of such magnitude, requiring detailed consideration for workplace health and safety, establishes our expertise within the area of complex design and construction.

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We are one of Australia’s longest standing designers and manufacturers of premium custom steel buildings. Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1993, we are founded on more than 40 years’ experience in design, construction and project management.

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The Premium Choice

Using cutting edge factory technologies, superior steel building design and only the highest grade materials, you can rely on ASI to deliver the strongest and most durable steel buildings on the market today. ASI Building Systems has maintained its reputation as one of the leading trusted premium manufacturers of pre-engineered/pre-fabricated steel buildings. Founded on 40 years of hands-on experience working with steel, our strength comes from our expertise and longevity in this industry.

At ASI, we pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver quality service and advice at the right price. Proudly Australian owned and with over 9,000 completed projects under our belt and counting, we know how to build the toughest sheds in urban and rural areas, both here in Australia and nearby regions. As one of the few companies under the same ownership since our inception in 1993, we are committed to ensuring that every product we sell upholds the highest standards in safety.

We are the premium choice for your home or business.
Australian Owned Since 1993

2-AUS-Owned-v2Trusted Australia wide by large corporations, governments and families.
ASI is one of the few steel building companies under the same ownership since 1993. It’s this consistency and financial strength that makes ASI Build the builders of choice by large companies and the favourite for families wanting security in their building contractor.

Engineered for any Australian conditions

Every design is pre-engineered for your site and wind load conditions.
As a member of the Australian Steel Institute Steel Shed Group, ASI is helping to enforce higher standards for the industry. Standards such as engineering to reflect the Building Codes of Australia.

Kit Supply or Fully Constructed

The choice is yours…have your structure erected for you or do it yourself.
Many clients enjoy the savings of erecting a kit themselves. A wealth of experience with various building types, designs, and materials positions ASI to suggest more interesting designs and innovative approaches where required.

Structural & Material Warranty

Protection for 15 years with ASI’s structural guarantee.
It’s nice to know that your steel structure will stand the test of time. ASI also has a 12 month warranty on workmanship.

BlueScope™ Steel

BlueScope™ is Australia’s premier brand and manufacturer of premium steel building products with a reputation for performance and quality proven over more than 150 years. When we use this brand in your building you know that the products we supply and use are of the highest quality.

Any Span Any Structure

Thousands of projects Australia wide, from huge 60 metre spans to the smallest carport. It’s reassuring to know that ASI can handle the largest of projects. ASI is a builder of large industrial buildings, specialist structures and purpose-built structures for government, mining, transport, infrastructure, etc. You can be confident in the fact that scale and size of a project are no obstacle for ASI.

For further information on our accreditations and how you can benefit from using ASI Build, please call us on 0408 345 217.