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Asset Guard

Want a shed that provides protection and is engineered to meet your specific site requirements? Then the Asset Guard is definitely for you.

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Aussie All Rounder

Rural farmers have made the Aussie Allrounder one of our most popular sheds, due to its perfect combination of size and affordability.

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Aussie Tough

With its four substantial bays and space saving design, the Aussie Tough Shed is able to store all of your important farming equipment with ease.

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Combination Bay

Our Combination Bay Shed has unbeatable flexibility, with its single and double bays giving you the convenience of multiple storage options.

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Farmer’s Friend

If you’re looking for an affordable option without compromising on quality, the Farmer’s Friend Shed has a generous capacity for all your storage needs.

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With the Flexi-Plus Shed, you get integrated space where you can add and remove personal access doors, sliding doors and roller doors.

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When you need the Flexibility of an open bay combined with a lock it up area to keep your valuables, look no further than the Flexi-Space Shed.

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Giant Farmer

Designed to accommodate the largest equipment or vehicles, the Wide and High Shed has a depth of 21 m and an overhead clearance of 6 m.

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Rural Legend

Worried about protecting your farm assets in the harsh Australian weather? Worry no longer with the tough as nails Rural Legend Shed.

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Safety Mate

The Safety Mate Shed has a massive roller doors designed to give maximum security combined with easy access – great for a workshop or storage.

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Storage Mate

The Storage Mate Shed has a massive overhead clearance of 5m and a length of 20m – the superior size and strength option when you have a lot to store.

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Ultimate Solution

The Ultimate Solution Shed is so spacious, it can handle what others can’t – from being an undercover indoor arena to storing the largest machinery.

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