Innovations that position ASI Building Systems as one of Australia’s most professional designers and manufacturers of premium quality steel buildings are:

1. ASI ToolBOX

ASI-Tool-BoxCustomised design and quoting software makes us fast, accurate and efficient in the creation of quotes, architectural presentations, bill of quantities and engineering drawings for your project. Our customers enjoy an even more responsive service.


2. New Engineering – eclipsing most galvanised steel building competitors

Warning: A large percentage of ‘Engineered’ sheds on the Australian market DON’T COMPLY with current engineering standards and practices. A shed’s only as strong as the weakest component in its assembly.

ASI have invested in new compliance analysis and engineering to ensure that your building will be assembled to comply with the Building Codes of Australia.

ASI is one of a few companies to do so in Australia in an industry where shed designs have been copied from original designs of the 1950’s. Be certain your building will satisfy all engineering codes – deal with ASI Building Systems.

For further information on how you can benefit from using ASI, please call us on 0408 345 217 or request a quote or contact us.