About Shed Safe

Shed-safe-logoShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds. It is an third party accreditation program intended to assist buyers to be able to have confidence in the engineering, steel products and site specification of the steel shed they are purchasing.



sponsor_6ShedSafe is managed by the Australian Steel Institute, Australia’s peak steel industry body. For more information about the Australian Steel Institute, visit http://steel.org.au

Compliance and Safety

ShedSafe provides an opportunity for Shed suppliers to demonstrate their compliance with the Building Code of Australia via the ShedSafe third party accreditation program.

ShedSafe is about sheds meeting the requirements of the Building Code of Australia which has requirements for structural and community safety.

Wind loads on a shed are the main force sheds need resist, and the wind will always find the weakest point in a shed. Whilst some sheds appear to be robust, all the structural parts of the shed need to be designed correctly to withstand the wind loads.

The ShedSafe program reviews the engineering plans and calculations provided by the consulting engineer engaged by the shed supplier. The review considers the design principles for compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

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